It's A Good Day


The cover gives the first indication; the spirited starting rhythm track and the first line of the title song sum up it: “It's A Good Day For Singing A Song”. On her new album, Anna Maria Kaufmann invites you to a musical journey through the 1930s, 40s and 50s — a time when Bossa Nova, Mambo and the Cha Cha Cha revolutionized the music scene and inspired people to dance. “It's A Good Day!” shows a new, heretofore unknown side of the Musical- and Opera star. With her unique voice and superb musical skills, Anna Maria Kaufmann revives great songs from the past and brings them to shining new life. Whether interpreting passionate melodies with Latin-American rhythms, moving ballads or immortal Evergreens – Anna Maria sings 13 amazing songs in five different languages and sketches a musical narrative that spans more than six decades. The interpretations and arrangements sound exciting and fresh. The sound is modern and danceable. “It's a Good Day!” is Anna Maria’s first collaboration with the Munich-based label Solo Musica.

With the new album "It's A Good Day!" Anna Maria Kaufmann fulfills a long-time musical dream and presents her audience some of her favorite melodies in an animated, stylish production style. The singer thus opens a musical treasure-chest to younger generations and gives them access to glorious melodies and unforgettable songs which are loved by millions all over the world.

Musical fans have revered Anna Maria Kaufmann as a singular talent since her electrifying breakthrough performance in the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spectacular “The Phantom of the Opera” — one of the most successful musicals in history. Since over two decades Anna Maria has been enchanting audiences on the world’s great stages. She is a versatile singer, and at home in numerous musical genres. Her clear and expressive soprano voice beguiles Classical- and Musical-Theater lovers, and her protean talents capture all audiences…even the casual music fan is caught in her spell.  “It's A Good Day!” is further evidence of Anna Maria’s dazzling artistic versatility.

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Anna Maria Kaufmann starts her musical journey in the 1930s, with the two Evergreens 'Bel Ami' and 'Red Poppy'. The legendary 'Amado Mio' from 1946’s classic Film-Noir “Gilda” is masterfully presented and full of emotional depth. The title track, a remake of Peggy Lee’s big hit from the year 1947, is an expression of pure joy and the dynamic arrangement is wonderfully energizing. Anna Maria pays her respects to one of the greatest singers of all time and interprets Edith Piaf’s poignant “Hymne of à l'Amour”. Anna Maria’s lovely version of the sensitive ballad 'Moon River' — originally sung in the movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Audrey Hepburn — finally brings the album’s focus to the 1950s and 1960's. The Vespa is ready to go, and the dance floor awaits! Bossa Nova, Mambo and the Cha Cha Cha dictate the rhythm. Anna Maria's version of Astor Piazzola’s famous “Libertango” does the creator of the Tango Nuevo proud. Two new compositions, the spirited “Moving On” and the humorous “Fernsehapparat” (“TV”), fit in seamlessly with the overall narrative of this stirring album. The Grand Finale and crowning achievement of the album is “Amor Venme A Buscar (Tell That To My Heart)”. The Musical partnerto Anna Maria in this extraordinary Duet is Del Castillo, the award-winning Latin Rock band from Austin, Texas.

Franck van der Heijden is the Producer of „It’s A Good Day!”. The Dutch arranger, composer and musician is known for his collaborations with David Garrett — he produced the successful crossover albums of the violin virtuoso. The skillful instrumentation and luxuriant arrangements on “It's A Good Day!” highlight the 26-member Strings Ensemble deployed for the album, and assures that Anna Maria’s multi-faceted voice is in the spotlight and the songs unfold to display their captivating essence. “It's A Good Day for Singing a Song” — a fitting slogan for an album that enchants with Class, Style and Verve!



It's A Good Day!
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Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha 
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Roter Mohn 
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Mambo Bacan 
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(I've seen that face before) 
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Mambo Italiano 
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Moving On 
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Bel Ami 
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Hymne à l'amour 
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*Duet with Del Castillo



Recorded at Meseka Studio

Studio Engineer Franck van der Heijden

Drums recorded at Spoor14 studio | Engineer Wessel Oltheten

Strings recorded at Power sound studios | Engineer Paul Pouwer

All Arrangements, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion and Programming: Franck van der Heijden

Piano: Edwin Schimscheimer

Bass Guitar: Rogier van Wegberg

Drums: Geert Roelofs

Saxophones: Lennard Gilissen

Strings: Ricciotti Ensemble

Violin 1: Ben Mathot, Floortje Beljon, Ephraim Feves, Sterre Leufkens, Sara de Vries

Violin 2: Lieke Arts, Judith Eisenhardt, Christina Geraets, Diewertje Wanders

Altviolin: Adriaan Breunis, Anna Giskes, Carolien Roodenburg

Cello: Thomas van Geelen, Jascha Bordon, Keimpke Zigterman

Bass: Hinse Mutter, Pim Boons

Brass Section: Broadway Bigband

Backing Vocals: Franck van der Heijden, Marcus Wolf, Jacqueline de Carpentier

Date of Recording: 16.-22. December 2011 and 8.-9. February 2012

Mastered by Hay Zeelen Mastering Mallorca

Head of Musicproduction: Franck van der Heijden

Solo Musica Executive Producer: Hubert Haas

Coverdesign: Clausen & Partner Werbeagentur, München –

Vespa: 2Rad Bentenrieder –

Photos: Marcella Merk

Artist Management: Peter Wolf – Alexa von Specht